Increase Your Profits by Adding
a New Revenue Stream to Your VoIP Offering

Your Brand on our White Label Auto Dialer Software Platform!

Reporting and Analytics: The way of the future and your path to higher margins and new opportunities.


Through our white label solution, you can introduce a cloud-based Auto Dialer software that includes reporting and analytics into your offering for an immediate path to offering higher value to your partners and prospects and profit from higher-margin services that are a natural complement to your core VoIP product offerings.

Increase your Profits

Reasonable and competitive pricing: Improves your bottom line.  Adding a SaaS solution to your offering gives you more margin when negotiating deals and translates into higher margin business.mbers, and more

Crush your competition

Differentiate your VoIP business and obtain a competitive advantage by providing your customers with more value. Leverage the considerable loyalty and equity in your existing customer relationships.

Full go to market support

Business transformation services include sales training, marketing materials and a knowledge base, full of resources to make the transition for your sales team, support staff and existing customers seamless.


  Real Time Dashboards

  Advanced Analytics


  Nagrywanie połączeń

  Nielimitowana obsługa połączeń


  Unlimited Queue

  Doskonałe wsparcie

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Nectar Desk – Cloud Auto Dialer Software the way it should be


We have built Nectar Desk with a simple belief in mind – don’t charge clients before they try and are happy with the product, Make it very simple to use, and keep all customer interaction under one roof. We invite you to give Nectar Desk a chance to show you how our Cloud Auto Dialer software can change the way your clients are treated.

The entry of low end VoIP providers are driving margins lower and lower. Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your offering to remain profitable and differentiate yourself among the thousands of VoIP providers in the market today. Are you concerned about these trends?

Do you have a plan in place to survive?

We have helped VoIP and phone system providers expand their service offerings and increase the value they are providing to their customers.